The McIntyre & Bauman Group currently has over 20 mining properties, consisting of over 6,500 acres, in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Though the company has been, and still is, actively considering other properties throughout the United States, we found these properties to be the most promising.
Many of the mining properties in our portfolio are joint ventures with large mining companies and cannot be disclosed as they are subject to confidentiality agreements. An example of a mine not under confidentiality restriction is Crown King Gold, in Crown King, Arizona, with average assay results of 0.25 ounces gold per ton and 4 ounces silver per ton. A full list of these can be found on the following pages or tabs.

As of 2015, there are four (4) patented groups of mining claims for sale. They are:
(1) Hassayampa (gold, silver, copper),
(2) Lexington (gold),
(3) Chloride (gold, silver, lead and zinc) and
(4) Bisbee (gold).
Summaries can be viewed on the following pages or tabs. Detailed reports are available where there is serious interest.
Though we are actively working to re-open our mines at Crown King, Arizona, in conjunction with Crown King Gold Mines, LLC there are still investment opportunities available for accredited investors.

Additionally, the company’s four (4) rare earth properties are available for joint venture or acquisition.


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