McIntyre & Bauman Group is the private investment firm of the McIntyre and Bauman families. Investments include mining properties and real estate, predominantly in the Western United States.

We partner with leading mining and mineral exploration companies to explore, develop and produce from our properties. We also invest in patented mining claims. Three groups of patented mining claims are presently available. Principal Group companies include:

Searchlight Exploration – precious and base metals exploration, development and production.

Middle Verde Development Co., LLC – holding company for patented mining claims and real estate.

Riverbrook Industries Corp. – invests in property tax liens

First Choice Leasing Corp. – equipment leasing

Other McIntyre & Bauman Group companies include: Anaconda Exploration, LLC, Searchlight Strategic Resources, LLC (rare earths), Placer Petroleum, LLC (oil & gas), Clark Gold & Copper, Inc. and Clark Copper Mines, LLC

The McIntyre / Bauman New Jersey Trust – This family trust owns real estate assets and is a legally separate entity from the other group companies.

Barbara McIntyre Bauman and Fred Bauman are also responsible for the management of two public companies:

Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (ticker: “BONZ”) – precious metals exploration and mining with projects in the following mining districts: Chloride, Congress and Oatman, Arizona and Comstock and Goldfield, Nevada -

Hondo Minerals Corporation – precious metals exploration and mining with projects at Tonopah, Nevada

McIntyre & Bauman Group draws on its heritage of successful mining and industrial ventures going back over a century. Both founding families have deep roots in the West and in mining.

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